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The story of the Saint-Alexandre Pub

In 1946, the Colonial Tavern opened its doors in this enclosure which for years became the trendy meeting place for students at Laval University. In 1987, when the Barré family redefined the vocation of the establishment, they then introduced beers from all over the world and a cuisine offering regional specialties worthy of the noblest brews. As for the decoration, it is inviting and warm: mahogany woodwork, mirrors, a bar of a dozen meters.


But we must rename the old tavern on St-Jean street. One evening, at dinner, the family proceeds to a traditional round table. And from round to round to round, the little Alexandre, 3 years old, insisted and proposed his name: Alexandre! Alexandre! does he exclaim each time his turn comes. This is the story of how we called the SAINT-ALEXANDRE PUB. But history does not confirm whether little Alexandre has become a saint!



The old bricks of the Saint-Alexandre pub owe their patina to a century-old tradition of commerce and hospitality. From 1887, the building housed the shop of a master hatter who had his business on Saint-Jean street until the end of the Second World War.


In 1946, the Colonial Tavern opened its doors in this enclosure. Students from Laval University, then located intramural, will meet there for years to perfect their training.


Today, Saint-Alexandre Pub is renewing the custom by internationalizing it. Beers from all over the world now water the conversations. For its part, the cuisine strives to honor the beer producing countries by offering regional specialties worthy of the noblest brews.


The mahogany woodwork, the mirrors and the bar, which is 12 meters long, add a warm touch to the cozy atmosphere of the Pub. The quality of your presence remains, however, the essential component of the spirit of the place. We appreciate it.

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